Mission Statement

The mission of Radical Condor Consulting is to bring the workplace into the 21st Century by creating a healthy, wealthy, and productive workplace for your organization through the practical application of the Agile Framework to your organization’s daily operations.


Core Values

Loyalty: To be as loyal to those who choose to work with us as you would have them be to us.

Honor: Honor the contributions of one another, for without each other none can succeed.

Courage: Have the courage to both listen and state when it needs to be said, at the time it needs to be said, with no regard for ego or rank.

Innovation: Keep the spirit and efforts of innovation alive, well, and adaptable. You organization is a living, breathing organism – evolve with it.

Unity: We may not always agree, but we are all in this together. Treat one another as though you work with them – not beneath or above them.


Proven Transformation Professionals

Our team is comprised of experienced and proven pioneers in the arena of workplace transformations.

Our years of experience in Business Management, Innovating, and Revolutionizing workplace environments has yielded nothing less than amazing results.


Creations & Transformations: Customized Transformation

The Team at Radical Condor Consultants established a track record of success at turning bottom-performing teams into Enterprise-leading performers.

We are proud to say, the Team has accomplished these results not through mass terminations – but in spite of mass terminations occurring throughout the Information Technology sector.

Let Us Share Our Successes with Your Organization

Despite the success the Radical Condor team has enjoyed over our decades of experience, we realize there is a greater need.

The need to bring our experience, success, extraordinary vision, and industry-revolutionizing approach to you.


Let us help you create your ideal workplace.