Why We Do What We Do

We are more than just a list of products or services we may offer. We are more than just another collective of talented individuals who love what we do and are among the best in the world at what we do. Nice distinctions, but we are more than what we do, or how well we do what we do.

We recognize these distinctions are most prevalent in among Small and Startup businesses. We recognize the true future of business is always in what small businesses are doing today.
We know you are more than just another new or small business. We know you are the role models for future businesses to come, of those who work for you, those you work with, and for who you do it all.
Throughout history, small businesses have influenced and changed history. We have seen Goliath rise and the fall of others. This process changes the entire landscape of business and society alike. We are the people who help small businesses innovate and create a more sensible, sustainable, and profitable future for all.
At Radical Condor Consultants our vision is to create a more competitive marketplace for consumers of all products and services by helping to enable small businesses device strategies, technologies and processes which will enable them to compete with larger competitors.


Services We Offer

Social Media Marketing

· National Social Media Campaigns (Strategy Consulting)
· Social Media Marketing (Strategies and Campaigns)

Startup & Small Business Services

· Small Business Startup and Board Formation Consulting
· Small Business Management Consulting
· Small Business Human Resource Management (Strategy, Compensation, Transition Management, Recruiting)
· Small Business Technical Automation Design and Development
· Small Business Technical Solutions Architecture

Internet/Web-Based Solutions & Strategies

· Web-Based Employee Engagement Strategies
· Web-Based Workforce Mobilization
· Web App Architecture
· Web App Design & Development
· Web App Development
· Small Business Technical Consulting

Non-Profit Services (Coming Soon)

· Fundraising Services
· Fundraising Campaign Consulting