Legend of the Condor

Condor Fire v3 (Black)

The Legend of The Condor and The Eagle

According to Amazonian legend, the path of the Condor is the path of heart, of intuition, and spiritual unity.

The path of the Eagle is the path of the mind, of the industrial, and the established.

Finding the Path of the Condor

Not long ago members of the Radical Condor team collaborated to create brilliant approach to Technical Support Business and Project Management.

Having achieved their goals, the team began to realize –

Based on current business management techniques, the environment would need a new path to follow to both Health and Wealth.

The Eagle of Business meets The Condor of Agile

According to the legend of the Eagle and the Condor to come together, to fly in the same sky, and to create a new level of consciousness for humanity.

Your organization is already The Eagle; strong, industrious, and well-establish.

We at Radical Condor Consulting want to bestow the spirit The Condor to your organization by way of the application of our Agile Business Management approach.

Together we can create a healthier and wealthier workplace, for your whole organization.