Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer, Julie Nelson

Julie brings over two decades of Leadership, Financial Analysis and Planning, as well as a Business Development background to the Radical Condor Consultants team. In addition to more than two decades of business management and leadership, Julie brings over a decade of expertise in the area of eCommerce, Financial Analysis and Planning, Business Strategy and Development, and Digital Marketing to the Radical Condor Consultants team.

Under Julie’s leadership Radical Condor Consultants has developed marketing strategies and campaigns which have produced results second to none. Julie’s experience has helped raise funds for charitable causes, bring national media attention to charitable, social, and political causes as well as campaigns.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Julie is an avid animal lover who advocates for the fair and ethical treatment of all animals.  When not hard at work, Julie can be found relaxing with her cats, dog, hamster, fish, snake, and chickens.

We look forward to continued growth and excellence under Julie’s guidance.