Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer, Principal Consultant and Scrum Certified Product Owner, Scott Nelson also carries the distinct honor of leading the Radical Condor Consultants team since its inception in 2013.  As a founding member, Scott also carries the mantle of Chair of the Radical Condor Consultants board of directors.

Scott’s professional background includes more than twenty years of hands-on servant leadership, fifteen years in Business Management consulting, project management, and program management.  In addition to these skills and talents, Scott also brings to the table more than a decade of Technical Support contact center and Customer Support call center design, architecture, development, and leadership

If you would like to know more about Scott’s background, credentials, honors, presentations, or publications please visit his professional profile (see below).

Scott Nelson

As CEO Scott has guided the team at Radical Condor Consultants through its inception, and on through the first years of the company’s development.  Scott’s unwavering dedication to bringing the Radical Condor Consultants mission statement to fruition has led the team to its first consulting years as well as through the team’s own contribution to help local charities and causes.

We look forward to many more years of continued success with Scott guiding us along the path of our journey.